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The 'Bully'

I was on my way home yesterday from a mini vacation. Man it was an amazing weekend...

but on my way through the airport, I was faced abruptly with a bully.

This was a younger person, not a child. I wouldn't call him a man either because in my eyes a man wouldn't act this way. He was between the ages of 16-18.

Old enough to know better...

I caught him very abruptly filming my behind as I walk.

Straight up cackling as I walked... the cackling got louder and more dominant.

When i turned i realized he was on face time or something of the sorts, streaming me walking.

I turned, looked at him straight up. Not in his eyes as his eyes were cowardly focused on his cell phone.

Not on my human stare looking directly at him...

When he realized I was staring at him... he proceeded cowardly with his tail between his legs into the men's room where I couldn't get him. Again with the cackle the whole way there.

I was already miserable from carrying my things from the start of the airport to the end.

Exhausted from being in 100+ degrees heat for days out exploring

and by all means I was not in the mood... I mean who would be.

My first instinct was I was going to use every move I learned in kickboxing and show him who is boss, teach him a lesson.

As i stared at the men's room door waiting for him to escape.

It began to sink in, all my reversed progress and how badly it began to make me feel.

Literally calling myself a failure in my head... thinking on how much of an embarrassment I must be for the people around me.

I found myself texting my boyfriend and apologizing to him. Of course he was supportive reminding me I am none of those things...

I finally started to let my sulking or anger go... and started to put myself in this boys shoes.

Thinking what do I know about him?

Jerk - yes

Coward - yes

Bully - yes

However, I have faced many bullies in my time. I have confronted a handful but mostly I ignored a lot.

Ignoring is a great tactic for not letting it show that it bothers you...

Hoping it goes away.

What it doesn't do is address the situation.

What bothered me the most about this situation was he took away my chance to address it. Which most bullies do.

So what do I do with this now... I began to process in my mind what would cause a young guy to do that... why would he think that is OK.

What it showed me in a minute was how much lack of respect he has for anyone older than him. It showed me that he has a lonely life, that he feels the need to disrespect someone else, a stranger to gain that much attention.

I also showed me that he is unhappy. How do I know this? Someone who is truly happy with their life, their surrounding does not bring others down. They are so happy in life they stay focused in their own business the rest doesn't phase them.

So, this boy will struggle in his life if he doesn't handle this.

He will remain unhappy, insecure and behind the curve as his friends advance in life.

Thing is, what bullies do to others they do to themselves.

I am OK with that. This by all means, doesn't make his actions OK, but the only thing I can do is control me, my reaction and how I let it effect me.

So, I choose to focus on my own surroundings, my own life, my own goals...

Bullies can eat my dust or in his case he can kiss my ass cheek he busy filming.

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,


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