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How do you find yourself rating success? Is it by your income? Your laughter? The time spent with family? The number on the scale?

You can rate your success by various levels depending on what you are trying to achieve...

With this journey for me when the scale seems to stop dropping I rate my success in various ways. These ways keep me going, keep me fighting and moving forward.

Bruises / Cuts from that day

Here is a a recent comparison for me that mattered a whole hell of a lot.

Two years ago I went to a Flyers game. People who know me personally know years ago I was an avid fan. Since I've returned back to the Philadelphia area I jump on the chance to get to a game again. So an opportunity came across my path and I took that leap. Needless to say, the game wasn't the way I remembered it. Not the fact that the team gave their all and the spirit was extremely high in the room. However, I found myself unable to truly sit in the seat. I was with 3 girlfriends and I was doing my best to grin and bare the time at the game... I remember feeling mortified and the need for change.

I could feel the arms in the chair lodging into each one of my hips so badly the next morning I woke up bruised and cut from the seat. Every goal that was scored it was close to impossible for me to jump up and cheer with enthusiasm.

Move forward to this year. Another opportunity came across my path.

Again sitting in the same seats but this time I realized the amount that I had truly accomplished.

I basically in the pounds lost I gained my life back. Here is an excerpt from my Facebook that night:

This girl... I'm proud of her I cheer for her I support her I motivate her I inspire her I am her But most of all I love her

It took me a long year + to be able to sit in this seat

Last time (which I recently reposted) I could not, it was too painful

Today I sat back and enjoyed the entire game Jumped up over and over cheering for the boys

It was like old times

I felt so proud not just that I was cheering for the winning team

But I was the winning team...

It took a lot of work to get here I have much more work to go But if I can do this...

I can do anything !

Do not ever give up living. Life is worth it. One step, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, take every chance you get and seize what is right there waiting for you.

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,


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