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100 Lbs of Baggage

Sometimes you need to really feel what the baggage you have been carrying around feels like.

I had to do this at 40 lbs, there was an overly long plateau and I needed to remind myself exactly how much weight that is.

So here I find myself doing the same at 100 lbs lost.

When I took this pic I was exhausted. I just had come home from Kickboxing. I was drained from a long work week. I scattered through the house and needed to find the distributing weight of 100 lbs.

I am wearing a CD Case filled with items, an ankle weight, a wrist weight and two 5 gallon jugs of water.

This is the burden I have been carrying for countless years.

The shield that made me feel protected.

Mostly it was the illusion that everything in my life was ok.

Holding that in my hands I realized why i was so tired, worn out and felt every joint in my body.

It was difficult standing there and holding it for several minutes.

Especially when my sweetheart Ginger girl decided to give me some more weight to give me a congratulatory jump of approval.

In conclusion, I am so very happy that 100 lbs is in the past. I do have more to go. I am anxious for the next chapter, but i certainly can appreciate and salute the piece of me that is gone.

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,


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