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Light It Up!

This past weekend I officially crossed off another bucket item.

For many years now I have always wanted to see a sky full of the chinese lanterns and light one off to the wish gods above...

The opportunity presented itself, so I jumped at the chance.

Approx 10,000 people gathered together in the mountains of Pennsylvania to put off these lanterns on a fall night. It was a bit hectic getting there and getting all settled, but once they started going off it was like an image you would see on your favorite fairytale.

We were given markers to write on our lanterns. Friends I was with chose to write messages to loved ones who passed... and expressed things that was in there heart.

For me I took the opportunity to say goodbye and hello. Goodbye to the 100 lbs that I had lost and hello to what now is.

Literally that is what I wrote "Goodbye 100!", "Letting go of all that was", "Welcome to What Is", "Inspire", "Love Yourself", then the entire other side of the lantern said "Thank you!" "Thank you!" "Thank You"

No matter how far along you are in your journey you must remember to always hold gratitude in your heart. If you are in the state of gratitude no other emotion can pull you away from what is important.

I'm in this phase where I see what I have done, I know I have done it... I am very appreciative of it.

However, is it enough? am I done with my journey? do I stop now? No way!!!

This is only a portion of it.

I have to keep moving forward, look ahead... and keep my motivation just as I was at day 1.

In so many ways, this was a impactful experience for me.

When we went to light the lantern the wind blew and burnt a small hole in the lantern...

I feared it wouldn't take off. then it happened again...

now an even bigger hole on the right...

I had serious doubt it would even be able to fly. Guess what...

It did... just took a longer to get off the ground but when it flew, it flew just like any other.

That lantern was me.

The scars that this heart holds, the bruises from falling then getting back up.

I am seasoned a year of healthy eating in my belt. I have a few months of solid workouts...


I'm only taking off... I'm flying a bit higher every day...

You and I have only seen the beginning. I am grateful for every second, every scar, every tear, every action that has led me to this moment, because I am finally on my flight.

Live in the moment, embrace what is - its ok to thank your burdens in your past for those things are what brought you to the amazing person you are today.

I hope this message finds you well.

Many blessings. Laughter, Love & Light,


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