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I love roller coasters, growing up I would rush to be in the front of the line. If the line was short I would ride over and over again.

Just under 15 years ago I moved to Florida, Orlando in fact. Home to some of the most amazing theme parks in the world. I couldn't wait to go to Universal Studios and enjoy myself.

So the first chance we could myself and my best friend went.

To my dismay realizing the newer coasters now have more intense restraint systems then the old ones I knew growing up. No more simple bar over your chest.

Now there are arms to the chairs, restraints over head, seats that have the thighs contored out.

For anyone who is of size, you know seats are a fickle thing.

Unfortunately I couldn't fit. I lived in Orlando for 7 years, everytime friends would visit... everytime I could I would be at the parks. Tolerating my friends and loved ones riding the coasters as I would sit on the bench and watch.

Sure, I could get on most of the rides but the ones with the extra restraints held me back from truly expressing who I was.

Many times I have felt like a failure... telling myself I can't believe you let yourself get this big.

Some days I was in denial it was the parks fault for wanting the rides as safe as possible.

So, one of the big goals I have on my list is to be able to ride "The Hulk"

I actually scheduled an upcoming Universal trip that is right around the corner with the big goal in mind... I didn't hesitate to schedule.

This past weekend I went to Hershey Park. (No I did not have a candy bar ha ha)

However, what I did do was ride 2 coasters. The 2 that the restraints were not as confined.

The rest posed a challenge to me. (as jokingly seen below)

Did I feel like a failure. For about a fraction of a second, I honestly did. I let one tear fall.

I wanted to throw something and yell at my body for out of all my loss in weight, why it keeps all the weight on my hips. Which is the biggest challenge for me and any seat.

I had my pitty party... then I dusted myself off... went back to the trial seat and decided to document exactly how far I have to go.

As you can see in the photo it is just a few inches.

Then I thought, you know what a year ago, the size I was... I wouldn't be able to get on ANY coasters.

2 is better than none. 2 is the step in the right direction.

AND Next year, next spring I will be back to this park and I will be able to ride EVERY single ride in the park without question.

What I have learned through this transition is. You can set goals.

You can try as hard as you can...give it your all...

The biggest thing you need to do is love and respect your body.

Your body is going through amazing changes... but a lot at once.

You can only control what you can. What you eat, how you work out etc...

You can not control what fat is going to burn first, you can not control the speed at which your body decides to let go... and you certainly can not control the shape in which it falls.

Just give it all you can, be grateful for what you have accomplished and keep reaching for the next step on the path.

I hope this message finds you well.

Many blessings

Laughter, Love & Light,


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