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Only one meatball?


Today was a crazy day... we had a 75th Birthday dinner for my father. Running from here to there, getting things ready... driving into the city to pick up his birthday cake (chocolate cake with delicious butter cream icing) then through the city into another state to have his birthday dinner.

It was go go go go... this morning I woke up like my normal Saturday. Time for myself finally.

I knew the day was hectic so I started it early. Saturdays normally start with my long walk.

I made sure before my busy day I had to get that in.

I walked 3 miles, the last mile I started to up my speed. Whether it was my determination of success, my focus on what I need to do for me OR the time allowance of the busy day ahead. I started to jog the last mile. I did it on and off. I would pick a point on the road and say to myself jog until you get there... I started to pick points that were further then the last. Next thing I knew I was home.

I shoved a few grapes in my mouth and went with the rest of the day.

Before I knew it, it was 6pm I was at dinner for my Father and realized. I did not eat ANYTHING but a few grapes the entire day. That was not good. However, it is funny for me to realize how much food played a huge part of my life before. Now it is just the fueling I need to keep my body going.

Before I would have sat down at dinner and felt because I did not eat all day I was owed a HUGE meal.

Anything and everything I wanted. When this time around... I ordered what my body needed.

Grilled chicken with a side of spinach and broccoli. I ordered 1 meatball on the side.

I had to laugh when all the food came out the server put infront of me just the 1 meatball. My family around with these plates full of all this pasta. There was me 1 meatball in a little bowl.

Kind of made everyone chuckle. However, in my mind I was thinking... sure I may be hungry when I am done but if that is all I had at this table I would be smiling just the same...

I'm programmed now to realize that it is not about the food it is about the people you are with.

That was probably one of the only times this year that my family will have the opportunity to see each other. That was special.

Of course we celebrated with the delicious cake I got for my father. I cut it, passed around the pieces after the candles were blown out, handled every slice. I didn't take one piece.

I didn't even lick my fingers covered in my favorite icing from my favorite bakery.

Because the food did not matter. Food no longer has control over me.

That my friends is an amazing thing and I feel so blessed to say!

I hope this message finds you enjoying the time with your loved ones...

Laughter, love & light,


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