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I fit!!!

Morning luvies!!

I am so incredibly excited...

For those who know me and for those who are just getting to know me...

I love music, music is my life outside of my life.

It is my escape it is my soul... it's a very big part of who I am.

Nothing better then going to a concert...

For me this was always great as long as I didn't have to "sit" down.

Why might you ask, bluntly... because my bottom was always too much for the seat...

I dreaded the feeling of worring if someone an adult size would sit next to me...

God forbid someone else fluffy we would be doomed...

So, last night I saw Dave Matthews Band, this would be the 15th? maybe? possibly? time I have seen them in concert... I've lost count... but why was this the most exciting show...

I fit in the seat!! I didn't find myself sitting up to the front of it so pretend like my bottom fit... my bottom actually freakin' fit!!!

My best friend didn't have to scrinch up in her seat to assist me from sitting more comfy.

We literally just sat.

It was WONDERFUL!!!!

Needless to say when Dave and crew came on I stood and danced the entire show... that is certainly nothing new.

However to feel the comfort of being able to sit back in the seat, back of chair supporting my back the way it was made... and feeling so much more comfortable in not only a "sitting" in a chair kind of way... but a inner secure feeling.

I got to tell you it was goal altering.

I have been plateau'd now for a few months. That has been in some ways a test to my will.

However, each day I make my meals, plan what I am eating for the day and go with the flow of what I have committed to. This is without hesitation.

This moment, is one of many that pat me on my back and say "girl, that end goal you are striving for... you are doing just fine... keep up what you are doing...and great freakin' job!!"

It reminded me that I am on my life path, my journey... there may be some road blocks, bumps, stumbles... turns... but no matter what I keep that goal in site... my destination and I will get there...

For moments like these and so many others, I am incredibly grateful!!

Thank you thank you thank you!

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,


PS. More of these seats are going down - Airplane, Roller Coaster, Sports Arena... I could go on and on.... For a plus size person seats with arms are an obstacle, a dread and sometimes quite painful not just internally. I believe I actually have scars from some seats in the past.

BUT like all plus size people you grin, bare it and try to fit in the seat and with those around you... I can't tell you how many times I have done this. To see me here, is just gold!


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