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Day 210 Results - 7 Months

New results are in... its been 210 Days eating as clean as can be. That's 7 months of good nurturing fulfilling food for my body. The results are 91 pounds and 48.25 inches gone from body.

That is 91 pounds and 48.25 inches of not necessary and unwanted fat!

What a better place for me to be. Realizing I made the most simple of changes to my eating habits and these are the results in such an seamingly effortless and short amount of time.

I can tell you have no cravings that is none - zip.

I know what is healthy for my body - what I need to do and I just do it.

That my friends for me, is power.

Over the past month I have conquered a goal on my bucket list, I had to purchase new clothes as once again I am shrinking out of the clothes I have.

I've donated 8-10 bags of clothes that I can no longer fit in.

All of these things are my reward. I no longer look at food as a reward but only for what it is to be used and that is nutrition.

Sure who doesn't want a big juicy burger once and a while. I do... i just have it the way I can.

Lettuce wrap as the bun, a whole30 compliant ketchup that I found that is sweetened with dates, homemade mayo, mustard, pickles and anything else that I want.

Its about smart, healthy, fulfilling and nutritious choices that are good for me in my lifestyle.

Just to think 7 months ago I was not near the woman I am today or had the control I have is just inspiring to myself.

I needed to be her to be the person I am today. So for all of those choices being good or bad I am grateful for it all.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful support. You inspire me just as much as I inspire you.

I hope this message finds you well. XO

Laughter, Love and Light,



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