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Good morning world! I am so incredibly excited to say that today is Day 150... its been 5 months!!! Goal 3 COMPLETE and I am on my Goal 4!

My results are estonishing and this is with clean and balanced eats!

I have started to get into the workouts but they have been few and far between.

I've been under the weather most of the month. Not due to eating but up north it has been so incredibly cold it got to my body. I backed off from taking Vitamins during this clean process but decided for my immune system I should add the back in. My vitamins consist of Multi, B Complex, Omega Blend and a D. Also with the rapid weight loss I have been seeing a bit more hair loss then normal... so I have added Biotin into the mix.

I've checked with the hemotologist and she stated it is perfectly normal. With extreme weight loss your hormones will change in your body so this also will most likely show some hair loss. This of course is a temporary scenerio and should resolve on its own.

Other than that I am feeling fantastic. It dawned on me the other day I haven't weighed this weight since 1997. To put it perspective my nephew who is now in college was only a year or two old. Some of the most important people in my life today I have never met yet. The dreams that I had at this age were unstopable. I feel with every pound and with every goal I have set and conquered I am gaining back the life I should have had to begin with.

Its surreal for me to sit back and reflect remembering that age and saying - what would have this girl done at that time in her life. Some things I would never do in a million years other things I wish I had the courage to find her again. None the less I am moving in an amazing direction. I feel incredible and that girl who was once unstoppable is peeking through the shadows... Watch out world!

Remember ladies and gents - no matter what your obstacle is and whats in your way... you can do ANYTHING! Its never too late no matter what the circumstance in your life may be. Believe you can achieve and you will.

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,



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