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Sunday Prep for Success

With the first full week of the New Year starting tomorrow. I am assuming a lot of you are out there setting your new year resolutions, hitting the gym and shopping for good healthy things.

I thought it would be a good time to share what I do on Sundays to prep for a successful week.

One of the most important things I take on is my grocery shopping. For me it consists of various grocery stores depending on what they can provide and pricing. As well as a local produce market. After doing this for many weeks now, I have my schedule of shopping and prepping down to a science.

I will not lie it takes time, energy and money to do this...

The time and energy well its just worth it but the money.. I will ask these questions to you.

How much does it cost in medical bills or how much does it cost to go out to eat?

As far as I am concerned focus on your health and what you are eating is far less then getting a bill from a heart surgeon, paying for insulin or blood pressure medicine.

Also, the expense of going out to eat every night, far outways the price of organic or whole foods any day of the week.

If you argue the dollar menu at a fast food place, then you will just need to accept the medical bills in the future.

The quality, energy and sustainability of what you will shop and cook for yourself far outways any way you can argue.

If you cant buy organic, its ok... Utilize the pick and choose method. Meaning educate yourself on what is best if you buy organic vs. what really doesn't require organic.

Know the foods that you are eating.

Knowledge is power.

I recommend to look for the dirty dozen list of what produce items that are ok to eat not organic. I know things with tough skin like oranges, grapefuit, bananas and pineapples are ok buying regular and do not have to be organic. Things with fine skin that you eat such as celery, berries etc... you should always try and get organic if you can afford.

This goes as well for fish, should you purchase farm raised versus wild. Not all are created equal and healthy.

In regards to meat, eggs and poultry. My best recommendation is go organic when can. Unless you know the farmer.


Once I am home then I get to prepping things for the week Boiling eggs, roasting cashews in the oven with sea salt and prepping my Ghee.

These steps will vary week to week. I assess what I have in my fridge to replenish to restock. This again I will stress gets easier and easier the further you go down the line. These groceries may last me 2-3 weeks depending on how many eating and next week when I go to the grocery store I may only need a few random items not bags and bags like this week.

I will share that these steps I take though honestly a complete pain in the behind... are 100% worth it. I know that what I am doing far outways any excuse I would have made in the past.

I see it in the mirror, feel it in my clothes and my joints.

All good stuff! I certainly hope this message finds you well. XO

Love, Light & Love,



Pictured Mayo & Date Syrup - ** See Recipe posted earlier this week **


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