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During this journey there is bitter sweet moments. Though I am extremely happy to lose this weight as quickly as I am. The bitter side is saying goodbye to favorite items in my wardrobe.

I'm in that akward stage right now and I assume this will be for some time.

My top is completely different size then my bottom. My favorite shirts seem to be so loose they are literally falling off. Though it is excellent and shows my progress - its time to say goodbye.

So I've labelled this "Retirement" ... they all serve me well. I mean I am selective on what I wear and to make my large shape look as flattering as possible. The plus size ladies out there know that our clothing isn't cheap. However, no matter how amazing these pieces may be, no matter how much they cost... its time to cut the chord.

Today I had a shirt that was one of my favorites - I purchased it over the summer it fit just right. I wore it until today - when I had a coworker comment because it was literally drapping down my shoulder. Another friend called it a "tent". I was trying to hold on as long as I could but... I figured its time to part ways...

So that being said - I dub the officially RETIRED!!

I hope this message finds you well.

Laughter, Love & Light,



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