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I would like to thank you all for joining me on such a personal journey.

What an amazing journey it has been so far and its only been 39 days. Even though I feel like it just started a blink away I can certainly say I feel like I have been packing for this road a VERY long time.

I will say my suitcase is quite full. I like to say full of knowledge of "what not to do" ;)

I am speaking of weight loss as well as other personal challenges. I'm sure we can all say as we grow older we realize the growing pains that season you along your years. That hopefully we come through them much wiser and utilize them as a lesson learned for the future.

There comes a time where you can look at them and just accept them where they belong, which is in the past. A huge part of this was just that for me. Accepting myself where I am today, where I am going tomorrow and peace on leaving the old road behind me.

See I realized that part of this weight I carry not as much physical is a shell of sorts. It is a protective gear, a shield that I started building at a very young age. It is / was my security blanket. It was my way of having control of things that I could not control around me.

I have tried continiously to break down this wall... kicking and screaming from the inside.

There was a key to this suitcase I was missing. That was my own voice. I thought I loved myself, I knew I was positive, I knew I always lived with my heart on my sleeve. What I never ever did was truly put me first... and know it is 100 % acceptable to do that. If you dont truly love yourself, truly take care of yourself, truly give your heart and soul what you need first. What good are you for others? What sense of living is that?

Now, I stand here day 39, 1 lb away from my first goal, much more confident, able to look at myself in the now and confident that my choices today are bringing me to a successful future.

What a change of events... I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. I'm basking in every second. I am certainly happy to see what the next 30, 60 or even 90 days bring. This girl has lived in this shell for way too long. I am so happy to see a glimpse of her and can not wait to greet her with open arms.

Thank you all for such amazing support.

When posting my 30 day results, the feedback and support were so heartfelt and filled this gals soul. Facebook alone between Lighter Curves, my personal facebook & a clean eating group I belong too OVER 750 people liked and over 300 comments of nothing but positive amazing feedback, love and thanking me for my inspiration. 3/4 of which I never met or spoke to before. How can I feel more blessed?

You are amazing. You are my inspiration. You are the reason I am sharing my story. If I can help one person, if not multiple then sharing my story is absolutely worth it.

I hope this message finds you well. XO

Laughter, Love & Light,


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