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Day 30 Reveal

Welcome to Lighter Curves.

What better way of introducing myself then having my first reveal to kick it off.

Let me preface this by saying... I am an ordinary girl, with dreams set but never attained.

I've lived my day to day wondering "what if" or "i want" a month ago a fire lit inside of me and I decided it was time I change that... NO MORE EXCUSES

I decided to put myself on a "clean" challenge for 30 days.

When I started this I had a lot of joint and lower back pain. I was lethargic at times.

My esteem was very low. I felt like I was fighting the same battle with no result.

Now 30 days later, no pain, energy level is wonderful and my control over food is FANTASTIC!

I am so proud and happy with the results it is keeping me in check for another 30 days!

I can not wait until I can post Day 60.

So with all that being said... my results are in.

30 Days, 34 Lbs & 10.75" Lost.

Stay tuned for Lighter Recipes, Lighter Lessons & most importanly the Recipe for Life: Laughter, Love & Light!

I hope this message finds you well! XO

30 Day.jpg

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